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You're pet will love you more when you shop at Prestige Aquariums & Pets.

We're Goodna's experts in loving life with your pet. We have all the pet supplies you need to keep your pet healthy and happy! Come in and see our great range, and bring your pet to meet us! We're also the local professionals in catering for breeders, trainers and specialist animal enthusiasts.

Food & health

We take care in selecting the finest quality food and health products for your animals, whether they have 4 legs or fins. Most species have different nutritional requirements as they mature; babies need different things than adults and elderly animals have different requirements again. Our experienced staff will advise you on the right products for your animals.

Homes & decor

We're Goodna's specialists in animal homes and interiors! We stock all kinds of animal homes including, tanks, cages, kennels and baskets. We have a huge assortment of fun accessories and designs for your animal's home. Prestige Aquariums & Pets can give you advice on all the serious maintenance equipment you'll need to keep your their home in top condition.

Fun & games

Most animals like to have fun, just like you! We have fun pet supplies and games you can play with your pet! At Prestige Aquariums & Pets we stock many products to keep animals healthy and active. We have things for them to climb on, to chase, to chew and to swim through. Come in and see it all for yourself today!

Fashion & beauty

Keep your furry pets and show animals looking their best with shampoos, grooming accessories and the latest in fashionable coats, shoes, leashes, collars and more!

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